Welcome to my sorcery universe. I am Amanda Wood a black spell caster specialist, a voodoo queen expert and a psychic advisor reader.

I use my connection abilities with the forces of the hidden world to cast affordable black magic love spells and break up spells because I consider magic should be attainable for all the persons who need a boost in their lives.  

I was raised among potions and elixirs in a witch family where I received  the secrets of efficient black magic custom spells and voodoo art secrets. I took the habit of staying in a black magic and psychic  atmosphere from early childhood.  

My witchy world is my way of life. When I am not doing spell work or reading I like walking to connect with the forces of the nature, to find natural ingredients that will be used to prepare potions that will be used for your rituals.

My spell work experience is based on many years of witchcraft practice and work with spirits. I also perform curse removal and distance cleansing aura sessions of the 7 chakras.

You will also find psychic readings in my store  sent by email in pdf file. My favorite tool is the tarot of Marseille. I also use my pendulum and my psychic power to connect with targets. 

My services insure discretion, secret and of course I never judge requests.

Each one has its own private reason to use magic!

So do not hesitate to contact me  for any request.

Area of expertise:  

-Black magic spells          

-Custom spells (Ex: intranquil spirit, cord cutting sessions, communication, banishment, binding, obsession and much more).

-Success and luck spells

-Love spells

-Break up spells                  

-Cleansing sessions (7 chakras cleansing, rebalancing, healing)


-Psychic readings

Thank you for visiting blackwitchcraftspells.com!