Boomerang spell

Boomerang Spell -Send it Back to Sender Spell

Boomerang Spell -Send it Back to Sender Spell



Powerful spell that gives toxic people what they deserve. Bad energy they have sent to you (hex, negativity, sadness, bad luckā€¦) is sent back to them with a boomerang effect.

Spell is cast for your by myself (you have nothing to do).

To be efficient this session is recommended when a person affected you.

This session is very useful to clean the negative enregy from you after a person harmed you intentionally.

Please when you order provide me in one message for ease of use :

  • Target’s Name and Birthday.

I start each session focusing with my pendulum. If you have doubt about birthday do not send it to avoid interference in the spell work process.

  • if possible a photo of targets involved in the session
  • Yours wishes (what you want to happen)
  • Brief History of Situation: you can send whatever you feel necessary to the performance of the session. As an empath, the more you send details the more I perceive your pain and torment.

A file explaining the session is sent to explain how I proceeded.

Please note once the session pdf report is sent I don’t send further info. If you need more details about your situation I will be happy to help you providing a reading service. Readings items are available in the webstore.

Buy 2 to have the spell triple cast!

Buy 3 to have this spell cast 5 times!

Of course, all the informations sent remain absolutly confidential.


Boomerang Spell -Send it Back to Sender Spell