Psychic readings

Psychic reading voodoo questions pdf file sent by mail

Psychic reading voodoo questions pdf file sent by mail
From $ 6 to $ 45 (choose the number of questions in the menu)

I am a spell caster specialist and I do readings; I will help you!

Please provide me with your order:

  • Your Name and Birthday
  • Target’s Name and Birthday (if you know it only)
  • A Photo of You
  • Your question(s). Questions can be about various subject (love, relationships, career, finances, life guidance, energy diagnostic…).
  • This item is for 1 person.

Questions must be sent all at once.

If you need one or two questions only, please choose the 1 or 2 questions reading item instead.

To get accurate answers do not introduce several questions in one question.

If you need advice about spell work, please add a note with your questions. Purpose of the reading is to answer questions about a situation or a person. It will not advise spell work.

When you write me an email with your questions, please do not forget to write the number written on your receipt!

I will send you the reading report in pdf file. You can visit my shop policy section to know the delivery date.
Please note once the pdf report is sent, I don’t send further info. If you need more details about your situation, I will be happy to help you providing a reading service. Readings items are available in the webstore.
Of course, all information sent remain absolutely confidential.


Reading items on pause until this week-end to prepare the full moon.

Psychic Reading pdf file sent by email