Cord cutting spell

Cord Cutting Spell and Reattachment

Cord Cutting Spell and Reattachment


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Description of the cord cutting session: negative or positive cord cutting session.

I am a spell caster specialist.

I will cast the spell for you, you have nothing to do. I will protect you in any cases.

Buy 2 to have the spell triple cast!

Buy 3 to have this spell cast 5 times!

This is a cord cutting session for the negative cords and for the positive cords to be destroyed.

Session is performed using magic threads infused in potion.

Examples of cord cutting and reattachment sessions :

-to cut the negative cords with a romantic interest for the blocks to be removed (fear of commitment, doubt, mistrust…).

-to cut the positive cords between a target and a rival for the target to be able to focus on you (recommended when a target did not move on a past relationship).

-When cords are cut it is important to reattach cords (positive or negative).

If the cords of negativity have been cut between you and your target it will be important to reattach the cords of trust, love, happiness instead. There are a few examples. You can choose other cords.

If the positive cords have been cut between your target and a rival it will be important to attach cords of negativity, mistrust instead.

Something cut must be reattached by other cords.

I will email you upon purchase to schedule the session. 

Please when you order provide me in one message :

– Target’s Name and Birthday.

I start each session focusing with my pendulum. If you have doubt about birthday do not send it to avoid interference in the spell work process.

– if possible a photo of targets involved in the session

– Your wishes

– Brief History of Situation

I will send you the report in pdf file when I finish the performance of the spell.

Of course, all informations sent remain absolutly confidential.


Cord Cutting Spell and Reattachment