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LOA Law of Attraction Activation Session

 LOA Law of Attraction Activation Session $50.00 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Everybody is able to meet success and to achieve his goals but the boundaries that are set in the deepest of the soul can affect this ability to be successful.

Success is not for others only.

I created this session to help you to unblock your potential working on your energies. I work with elixirs, stones and my magic wand.

My law of attraction activation session includes 5 spells to remove the blocks and negative energies that are preventing you from achieving your goals:

1-A 7 chakras cleansing session to clean deeply each of the 7 chakras and to re-balance circulation of the positive energy.

2-An attract money luck session to prepare your magnetic field to welcome money to your life.

3-A customized session to increase your confidence. This session will work on the removal of your fears, doubts, lack of self-esteem.

4-A customized session to empower yourself. This session will contribute to make you realize you are much stronger than you think. It will help to make you aware of the great things you are able to achieve in this life path.

5-A new road session to give you a boost of positive energy attracting luck, success opportunities in a new cycle.

This law of attraction activation session is helpful if you have made the decision to initiate some important changes in your life.

I am there to help and support you during this transformation process.

This session is powerful and can cause you to feel very tired in the next 2-3 days after the session.

Buy 2 to have the spell triple cast! 

Buy 3 to have this spell cast 5 times!

I will email you after your purchase to let you know when the sessions will be scheduled.

Please when you order provide me in one message:

– Your name and birthday.

I start each session focusing with my pendulum. If you have doubt about birthday do not send it to avoid interference in the spell work process.

– if possible, a recent photo of yourself to connect with your most recent energy.

– Yours wishes for each of the session.

I will send you the report of the session in pdf file when I finish the performance of the session

Of course, all information sent remain absolutely confidential.


LOA Law of Attraction Activation Session