Rebirth spell

Rebirth Spells Session

Rebirth Spells Session

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My rebirth spells session includes 3 spells to regenerate your energy after a trauma (separation, layoff, friendship or romantic betrayal, harassment at work, intimidation…;).

1-A 7 chakras cleansing session to clean deeply each of the 7 chakras and to re-balance circulation of the positive energy.

2-An obsession removal session for you to stop getting obsessed about the situation or the person that caused you a soul trauma.

3-A customized luck and success spell to open a new positive road in your life with a positive energetic background. It is possible to customize the spell according to your needs.

I will perform the rebirth sessions for you, you have nothing to do. I will protect you in any cases.

Buy 2 to have the spell triple cast!

Buy 3 to have this spell cast 5 times! 

I will email you after your purchase to let you know when the sessions will be scheduled.

Please when you order provide me in one message:

– Target’s name and birthday.

I start each session focusing with my pendulum. If you have doubt about birthday do not send it to avoid interference in the spell work process.

– if possible, a photo of targets involved in the session

– Yours wishes

– Brief history of situation

I will send you the report of the session in pdf file when I finish the performance of the spell.

Of course, all information sent remain absolutely confidential.


Rebirth Spells Session